Lexum Newsletter, March 2020 - vol. 20
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Automating the Entire Publishing Chain for Your Court or Agency Decisions
https://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/8026-edit-768x512_zc_2_270906000007087063.jpgIf your organization produces precedential judicial or administrative decisions, you are very aware that the work on a case doesn’t stop when the final decision is delivered to the parties. Once the docket has been updated via your Court/Case Management System (CMS), the decision rendered must still be published.
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Introducing CanLII's Latest Research Tools: Decision Highlights and a Powerful New Noteup
https://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/bluejalaps_zc_3_270906000007087063.pngWe are very excited – and this is a word we don’t use lightly here at CanLII – to present two improvements to the search experience on CanLII.org. Legal research generally involves (1) understanding what a case is about, and (2) analysing how a case had been considered in subsequent cases. To help out, we’ve come up with a few features for conducting efficient legal research.
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Introducing Lexum’s Data Services
In addition to its online products, Lexum has always been providing data enhancement services to help its clients get the most out of legal information. These services include not only digitization, file conversion, and document formatting, but also redaction, legislative consolidation and typesetting.
We recently seized the opportunity of a minor website revamp to put the spotlights on them.
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Lexum Supports The Breakfast Club of Canada
In December 2019, Lexum staff raised enough money to fund a Breakfast Club for the entire year 2020. All of the money raised is going towards the Breakfast Club of Canada.
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Full Volumes of the Federal Court Reports are Now Made Available Online via Qweri
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TMX Implements the
Decisia-Qweri Bridge for its Issuer Resources

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The Year in Review: Top CanLII Connects Publishers, Authors and Posts of 2019
2019 was a great year on CanLII Connects and we would like to thank the authors, publishers and readers for their contributions and participation. We welcomed 298 new contributors this past year and over 3200 new case summaries and commentaries. Here are the top ten commentaries and summaries from 2019.
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The Value of Open Access
There is a great deal of quality legal information available on the open web now. In a new article published by CBA National, Sarah Sutherland explains how CanLII is trying to make it even more accessible.
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New CanLII Guides from CALL
Members of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries have produced a series of handouts and video guides on how to search and browse legislation, caselaw and commentary in CanLII.
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