Lexum Newsletter, December 2020 - vol. 23
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Post Conference Wrap-Up – LVI 2020https://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/411306f18020442fbb1a679588b6b45d_zc_v1_2_270906000010664006.jpeg
Lexum was pleased to sponsor LVI 2020, which brought together communities involved in free access to law from around the world. Check out this recap for a full list of presentations with accompanying slides. 
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Connecting Public and Private Legal Information Part IV: Integrate CanLII with your Practice Management Solutionhttps://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/411306f18020442fbb1a679588b6b45d_zc_v1_3_270906000010664006.jpeg
Lexum and Clio have partnered to facilitate the integration of Canada’s most consulted legal research website with the leading practice management solution.
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Qweri 3.5 – Back to Top and Sharing of Notes Among Group Members
With Qweri 3.5, you can navigate large documents more easily thanks to the addition of a “Back to Top” link. The ability to disable note-sharing among group members is available now, too.
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Updates to Lexbox Features for CanLII Users
With Lexbox, you can now upload personal documents, link your legal citations to CanLII material, create alerts based on information included in your documents and start a Clio timer straight from the CanLII website.
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The Condominium Authority of Ontario Starts Publishing its Decisions and Orders with Decisia
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Canadian Association of University Teachers Contributes 775 New Arbitration Awards to CanLII
A New Wave of Improvements on CanLII 
Learn more about the latest CanLII improvements, which include improved noteup and case history functions, an “unfavorable mentions” notation, more accurate linking to legislation, and the availability of heatmaps for legislation, not just caselaw.
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Editing Legal Resources
CanLII has a number of programs that provide opportunities for writers to publish their work. In this Slaw.ca article, Alisa Lazear shares how these projects have led to a whole new and exciting aspect of publishing: editing. 
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Call for 2020 Martin Felsky Award Nominees
CanLII is proud to invite submissions to the second annual Martin Felsky Award for excellence in Canadian open legal commentary on the subjects of legal research and legal technology.
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