Additional Features for Lexum’s Annotated Legislation Websites

Lexum’s latest version of Qweri includes many new features impacting the freely accessible annotated legislation websites operated by Lexum. Overall these new features are designed to facilitate the navigation and the printing of annotations. In addition to what we already announced for Qweri 3.3, here’s what’s specific to our annotated legislation websites:

  • Our annotations provide users with an overview of judicial and administrative decisions quoting the consulted section. Each annotation box now specifies the section number, as well as the date of retrieval of the annotations.
  • Users now have the option to list all corresponding decisions at once instead of browsing them by group of 25.
  • A “Print All” button is now available to print the entire list of annotations.
  • All information available within the annotation box is now also available within the printer-friendly page for that box.

See the changes for yourself on the following websites: