Arkansas Judiciary Implements Qweri to Publish its Court Rules and Administrative Orders

Lexum is pleased to announce that the Arkansas Judiciary is now using Qweri as its publishing platform for court rules and administrative orders.

In 2017, the Arkansas Judiciary decided to power its opinions website using Lexum’s Decisia, becoming the first U.S. state to adopt Decisia for its appellate courts. Decisia has drastically improved the usability of their opinions database by providing a uniform user interface designed specifically for legal research.

With the adoption of Qweri, Arkansas online court information website now combines the functionalities of Decisia for opinions with the features of Qweri for court rules and administrative orders. Qweri enables personalization of documents with bookmarks, notes, and comments, as well as collaboration with the ability to share content privately or within teams.

With these combined platforms, Arkansas Judiciary is providing the public with a faster and easier ways to navigate across all of the court information it makes available online.