Decisia 3.14 released: HTML5 & WCAG Filters

Lexum is pleased to announce version 3.14 of Decisia. Here’s what’s new:


With 3.14, Decisia features HTML5 user interfaces. Clients with HTML5 websites will be able to have their Decisia installation migrated to HTML5 as well. With this development, Decisia remains on the forefront of web development both in terms of government requirements and best industry practices.


Decisia offers a “Summary” field where clients input case summaries or other pertinent case-related information, such as appeal notices or judicial history, to name a few. With Decisia 3.14, the “Summary” field is full-text searchable. Users can now locate Decisia records based on terms found in the summary.


Decisia’s user interfaces have been compliant with the accessibility requirements set by the WCAG 2.0 AA standard almost since the product’s inception. However, with Decisia 3.14, we have taken our commitment to accessibility further. Decisia now offers automated conversion filters that help clients convert their source MS-Word documents into accessible HTML files. This approach eliminates most of the manual steps necessary to ensure WCAG compliance for judicial and administrative decisions.

You can find out more about the method used on our blog –

The functioning of the filters requires the use of a properly designed MS-Word decision template. Please note that this feature is available as an additionally priced option.

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