Decisia: A turn-key and affordable solution for courts, administrative tribunals and profesionnal boards

Lexum recently launched its new platform for disseminating decisions from administrative tribunals and professional boards. Decisia is the only turn-key solution on the market designed specifically for publishing judicial decisions over the Internet. Decisia offers different types of navigation (alphabetical, chronological, by subject, type of decision, etc.), full text and field search using the LexFind technology, access to documents in HTML and PDF and a variety of awareness tools. Decisia also incorporates advanced administrative tools to ease the workload of content managers, including the automatic extraction of metadata from the body of the documents, user-friendly validation interfaces and flexible fields. Decisia is cloud-based, requiring no infrastructure on the client side, and seamlessly integrates into an existing web site thanks to a proven approach unique to Lexum. With a starting cost as low as $5,900 per year, all courts, tribunals and boards now have a professional dissemination solution at their reach.