Decisia Now Integrates with myCaseLoad

Decisia flexible decision publishing solution now is fully integrated with CaseLoad Software’s Case Management Solution, myCaseLoad

myCaseLoad provides a highly configurable case management system which now customers can easily integrate with Decisia very flexible decisions publishing solution.

Courts, boards, commissions, and tribunals use myCaseLoad for the efficient management of their cases and supporting documentation.  Many of those clients also wish to make some of the supporting documentation (decisions, hearing notices, memorandums …) accessible to decisions-makers, attorneys, media, and the general public.  CaseLoad Software’s new Decisia Integration Module gives myCaseLoad clients a quick and easy solution to do just that.

Decisia is an online tool for decision-making bodies wishing to self-publish their decisions to their own website, intranet and extranet.

Decisia and the Decisia Integration Module allows myCaseLoad clients the ability to manage and self-publish their judgments, decisions, opinions, orders, as well as related documents such as hearing notices, bulletins or press releases. Organizations use Decisia to power their public websites, to offer subscription services, or simply to meet internal access needs.

myCaseLoad integration with Decisia allows clients to:

  • Fully automate the decisions management and publishing process;
  • Provide powerful full-text legal research in Decisia for content managed within myCaseLoad;
  • Provide each category of stakeholders with an adapted interface.

By supporting each other, Decisia and the myCaseLoad Integration Module save clients both the time and money required to develop custom communication mechanisms and mapping scripts between myCaseLoad and the court website and/or intranet.  And because both solutions are highly configurable, every client can use the solutions in its own way.  Whether you need to upload copies of your final decisions from myCaseLoad to a public website, or make a custom set of documents from your docket available on an intranet, the combination of Decisia and myCaseLoad makes it a snap.

myCaseLoad is a product of CaseLoad Software, the industry leading highly configurable CMS with fully integrated features such as workflow designer, scheduling and calendaring, eFiling, and reporting.

Decisia is a product of Lexum, a leader in the management and dissemination of legal information since 1993.

About CaseLoad Software

The CaseLoad Software team have been headquartered in Toronto, Ontario where it has been delivering case management software solutions since 1994. CaseLoad 1.0 was released in 1995. Since then, CaseLoad has been continuously upgraded to our most recent release, myCaseLoad 6.

Our software was not designed for law courts or law offices and then retrofitted to meet the needs of the client. The design and functionality of our software is the direct result of many years of experience with our customers. We are entirely focused on the unique needs of government Boards, Tribunals, Courts and Commissions who need to track various types of and disputes and appeals for their citizens. Our system is built with the understanding and experience from working with justice agencies across North America.

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About Lexum

Lexum is a software company specializing in the management and dissemination of legal information. Lexum provides products and services to producers and users of legal information, as well as various other organizations and companies that prepare, manage and publish large collections of documents.

Lexum has been innovating for many years to develop products that reduce the risks and costs involved in managing, publishing and providing access to legal information. Lexum’s products democratizes access to high-quality technology that would otherwise be costly and much less accessible. Lexum’s clients receive worry- and investment-free professional information management, publishing and search services hosted on Lexum’s servers but integrated into their own website or intranet.

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