Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Chooses Qweri for the Online Publication of its Intellectual Property Manuals

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) chooses Qweri for the online publication of its intellectual property manuals.  ISED will use Qweri to publish three manuals: the “Manual of Patent Office Practice”, the “Trademarks Examination Manual”, and the “Industrial Design Office Practices” guide, in both English and French. ISED will also use Qweri to publish historical versions of these documents. Lexum will work with ISED to produce versions of these manuals that are compliant with web content accessibility guidelines.

Adopting Qweri for the publishing of ISED’s intellectual property manuals will ensure ease in referencing and navigating these large documents. Users of the ISED IP manuals will also benefit from the capacity to insert personal highlighting, notes and links that will be kept across versions. The manuals will be updated through a simple “drag and drop” process supporting a wide range of input file formats, including Word and PDF. This user-friendly publishing processes will dramatically increase the speed of updates to the website and information about these IP manuals.

Qweri is a publication service offered by Lexum that makes your reference material fast to upload and easy to browse, search and annotate. If your organization is interested in learning more about Qweri please contact us.