ROBOCOP Technology Now Included in Decisia

Lexum is pleased to announce the integration of its ROBOCOP technology for the prevention of abusive content downloads.

Robocop technology was conceived by Lexum in the context of its work for CanLII in order to prevent massive content downloads. This Lexum technology is now one of the various features offered with Decisia.

Now, certain users of Decisia websites will occasionally see a brief message (CAPTCHA) appear asking them to confirm that they are people and not computers programmed to download files from a website. Users prompted with a CAPTCHA will provide this confirmation by reproducing the letters and numbers of an image in a text box. With that done, they will be able to continue their consultation of the site without further interruption. However, the vast majority of users will never see such messages because the system will present a CAPTCHA only beyond a given threshold of use.

The illustration below shows the CAPTCHA to be presented. You’ll note that for accessibility purposes, an audible CAPTCHA has also been provided for.

The presentation of CAPTCHAs has proved very effective for preventing the abuse downloading of Internet resources while allowing free consultation by users. It is the most prevalent and the most accepted approach of open access service users. We are confident that this feature brings an additional benefit to the institutions that use Decisia.