Technological Tips and Tools to Help Bar Associations Build Trust and Support Members – Part 5

Since the start of the Vocalmeet/Lexum article series, we’ve covered website improvement, research tools, cloud functionality, and online safety. Today, we’ll be wrapping up by covering how you can gain attention and help members with one of the internet’s best networking tools: social media!

Tool: Social Media (and Related Apps)

Next to your association’s website, social media may be the next most commonly pointed-to source of potential. On social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), you can reach out to your members directly

While IT support and ticketing systems will always be the main way to solve problems, people are becoming increasingly more likely to reach out to organizations on social media–especially when it comes to more general questions or concerns. When this happens, be sure to listen; timely and helpful responses are always appreciated.

Social media doesn’t just go one way, however; if your association is wondering about the wants and needs of its members, don’t hesitate–reach out to them! Consider using the poll option if your question is more of the multiple-choice variety.


Running an association involves a lot of administration and coordination, so simplify things by making use of media management platforms like Hootsuite. Hootsuite lets you queue posts on your social channels ahead of time, meaning you can schedule blocks of content when it’s most convenient for you. Keep your members up to date with regularly released association news and articles; consistent posting helps improve engagement!


If you find it difficult to design marketing copy, graphic design platforms like Canva could be the perfect tool to help you out. Canva lets you create quality ads, posts, slides, articles, and more–if it’s something that can be formatted, Canva probably has it. Grab your members’ attention with chic, eye-catching posts and boost your overall social media value.

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While the ever-expanding field of technology may seem daunting, bar associations have more tools and strategies available to them now than ever before. Don’t miss out on all the ways you can increase your support to members, build trust, and boost engagement; instead, look into improving your website, enhancing your research techniques, implementing cloud computing, bolstering your online security, and increasing your social media’s value. With the right tools in your belt, you’ll be able to help your members survive and thrive in the present and beyond!