Technological Tips and Tools to Help Bar Associations Build Trust and Support Members – Part 3

Continuing our series of articles in partnership with Vocalmeet, this week we’ll be looking into the nebulous world of cloud computing. You may have heard the term tossed around, but how does it apply to bar associations? Read on to find out!

Tool: the Cloud

You may have heard of “cloud computing” (or just, “the cloud”) before, but what is it? It refers to information and processing power that is housed online, rather than on-site. You aren’t pulling files from your own computer’s memory but directly from online storage. This type of computing provides fast, on-demand service that anyone with access to the internet can take advantage of.


Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a type of software that lives directly in the cloud, meaning it’s easy to access on any device. Many platforms run on SaaS because you can use them directly on their respective websites–no extra programs or downloads necessary! With their convenience and easy integration capability, SaaS platforms are a great solution when it comes to different types of association systems (be they association, member, learning management, or more).

Document Retrieval and the Cloud

“The cloud” isn’t just for hosting platforms–it can help you store association documents! This not only makes things super accessible, but it can allow your organization to improve its consistency and formatting.

Imagine: all of your document templates in one place, easy to download to your device and modify whenever you want. Member application forms, event submission forms, testimonial submissions, surveys–the sky’s the limit! You can streamline a number of administrative tasks this way, and improve your association’s overall data organization while you’re at it.

Solutions that support members in retrieving legal documentation and collaborating online also exist to help your bar association out. Not only this–some of them don’t even require changing the way you operate and produce your documents! Whether you’re using your desktop, tablet, or phone, you can search and load reference material quickly and easily, as well as make and share notes with clients and colleagues–a must in any data-driven industry (like the legal sector!).

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While the term “cloud computing” can sound daunting, don’t let it inject fear into the heart of your bar association; leverage the right cloud technology, and you’ll discover a world of increased ease and efficiency!

Tune in (or click on) next week for our article all about web safety!