Qweri 1.1 is out!


Qweri is a solution for e-books that automates the process of publishing documents available in Microsoft Word format. Qweri is ideal to provide access to monographs, annotated statutes, benchbooks, training manuals and other reference works. With the release of version 1.1, Qweri now meets all the needs of small and medium-sized legal publishers of secondary material:

  • Convert in seconds documents of hundreds of pages to HTML5, PDF and EPUB
  • Search your own text with LexFind, the specialized search engine for legal information designed by Lexum
  • Manage access rights to your documents by user or by group
  • Perform all these tasks online with easy to use interfaces

As an example, Lexum invites you to visit its Annotated Income Tax Act, now made available with Qweri 1.1.