Let us reinvent the way your documentation is delivered to your users

Drag and drop your documents and manuals in any popular format, and let Qweri do the rest. Regardless of your documentation’s size and complexity, Qweri will make it fast to load and easy to browse, search and annotate across desktop and mobile devices.

Qweri makes your manuals fast to load and easy to browse, search and annotate

Publish your documents while keeping your drafting processes unchanged

Say goodbye to complexity! Qweri adapts automatically to a wide variety of input file formats (MS-Word, HTML, PDF, XML, structured FrameMaker, DITA) without requiring any additional tagging.

Enable personalization and collaboration

Farewell, lifeless, heavy manuals! See them come alive as your users load your documents on their screens in a split second, and enhance and personalize them by adding bookmarks, notes and comments. Client-generated content can be kept private or shared among teams.

Quickly find the answer you are looking for

Qweri includes a powerful, proven search engine providing snippets, stemming and highlighting. It allows your users to easily locate the answers they need inside large documents or across your entire knowledge base.

Support any device

Publish effortlessly across devices, browsers and OS! In fact, you don’t have to think about it. Qweri’s responsive user interface does it for you.

Strengthen your brand

Qweri is a white label solution – it adopts the look and feel of your website. While working with Qweri, your users stay on your website at all times.

Manage access rights

We comply with the industry’s security best practices. You have full control over the users and groups who can access your documents, or share notes among one another.

Because an image is worth a thousand words

Qweri integrates your video content directly into the body of your documents. With Qweri, these two communication channels converge seamlessly.

We are fast

Nothing to install – you can roll out your content immediately and your clients get a sub-second response time when browsing and searching.

Make it easy for everyone

Qweri is self-explanatory and easy to use. Users will be up and running immediately in any language. Your documents are made available to you and your clients from anywhere at all times in HTML5, PDF and ePub.

A turnkey solution covering all your needs

Qweri evolves continuously and your users constantly benefit from new features. Training and support are provided by our friendly team, which can even take care of loading and formatting your existing content.

Qweri in action

Qweri 1.17 Improves Navigation and Printing

2017-05-09 / By Lexum

The latest version of Qweri is packed with many new features facilitating the navigation and printing of large documents.  Here are the most important upgrades: End of the "previous / next page" buttons By implementing a fluid infinite scroll in its right-hand panel, Qweri now allows you to browse smoothly through the document body, up and down, without...

Fredrick Egonda-Ntende
Fredrick Egonda-Ntende | Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Seychelles

“Qweri enabled us to electronically publish the most significant legislation in use in the Seychelles and share it both online and offline to users with a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This has dramatically improved access to law in our jurisdiction. We are indebted to Lexum for making this possible.”

‐  Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Seychelles