Lexum Newsletter, December 2019 - vol. 19
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The Harvard Library Innovation Lab Highlights Decisia as a Solution for its CAP for Courts Projecthttps://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/cap_zc_v1_270906000006241006.png
Lexum is pleased to announce it has been identified by Harvard’s CAP for Courts project as a solution provider for digital-first case publishing for U.S Courts. The Caselaw Access Project (CAP) expands public access to U.S. law. Its mission is to broaden public accessibility to U.S law online, notably by providing free access to all published decisions from U.S courts, digitized from the collection of the Harvard Law Library.
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CanLII Voted a Top Online Legal Research Resource for Primary Law and Secondary Legal Contenthttps://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/1_1_zc_v1_270906000006241006.png
In the 2019 Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Awards, a total of 1,921 readers cast votes for their preferred suppliers and vendors in 38 categories. CanLII’s sites were included in the top three for Online Legal Research – Primary Law, and Online Legal Research – Secondary Content & Analysis. The top three results are presented in alphabetical order, so while we did come in first in the list, there’s no way of knowing where we fell in the actual readers’ choices.
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Joshua Lenon and Ed Walters join Lexum’s Board of Directors
We are excited to announce the addition of two more heavyweights of legal tech and legal publishing to Lexum’s Board of Directors.
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Lexbox Tip: Bookmarking Web Pages
Do you know you can save links pointing to any site of interest with Lexbox? The bookmarking feature of Lexbox is available for this purpose. The “New Bookmark” button is located at the bottom of the page of your Lexbox account.
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Decisions from The Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of British Colombia can now be easily found with Decisia
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The Annual Statutes of Alberta are now available on CanLII
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Additional Features for Lexum’s Annotated Legislation Websites
Lexum’s latest version of Qweri includes many new features impacting the freely accessible annotated legislation websites operated by Lexum. Overall these new features are designed to facilitate the navigation and the printing of annotations.
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Better Integration for Lexum’s Products
Over the last few months, Lexum’s product teams have been focused on making it easier to integrate our solutions with each other, as well as with our clients’ architecture.  Thanks to these efforts clients of both Decisia and Qweri can now benefit from the following additional services.
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Call for Martin Felsky Award Nominees
CanLII is proud to invite submissions to the inaugural Martin Felsky Award for excellence in Canadian open legal commentary on the subjects of legal research and legal technology by a writer with less than five years professional experience.
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