Lexum Newsletter, September 2020 - vol. 22
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Register for the Virtual Law via the Internet Conference, September 22-23, 2020
Lexum is proud to sponsor the 2020 virtual edition of the Law via the Internet Conference later this month. With a theme of “Free Access to Law in a Changing Landscape”, LVI 2020 features keynote speaker Cory Doctorow and more than 40 speakers from 10 countries.
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Connecting Public & Private Information
A new series from Pierre-Paul Lemyre looks at how Lexbox provides Knowledge Management as a Service (KMaaS). You can now upload your own documents, link your legal citations to CanLII materials (and vice versa), and get notified when your field of expertise evolves.
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>> Part II
>> Part III

How to Semi-Automate Typesetting to Save Time and Money
Typesetting is the operation consisting in setting the text onto a page so that it looks good.  It originates from the printing world in which typographers initially had to arrange physical types (letters and symbols) to imprint them on paper. 
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Lexbox 3.1 – Improved Visibility of Action Buttons and Support of Alerts for Intranet Content
The Lexbox 3.1 update makes it easier to add new folders and bookmarks, delete or mark alerts as read, and generate source lists. It also lets you create notifications for new intranet content.
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Decisia 6.1 – Various Improvements to the Administrative Interface
The latest version of Decisia gives you easier access to the audit trail, more intuitive uploading and more.
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The Copyright Board of Canada’s New Website Powered by Decisia
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First Nations Gazette Now Powered by Decisia and Qweri
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Platforms, Content and Duplication
At Slaw.ca, Sarah Sutherland explores the tension between platforms that gain value from lots of content, and organizations that create content as their primary value proposition.
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COVID-19 Content on CanLII and How to Find It
Anqi Shen explains how to find and save content from CanLII’s ever-growing collection of COVID-19-related cases, legislation and commentary.
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Barriers to Accessing Legal Information
Alisa Lazear highlights the barriers to accessing legal information and ways those barriers can be removed.
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