Lexum is an emerging leader in artificial intelligence for legal research and legal service delivery

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in the legal industry is under the spotlight at the moment with efforts being made to utilize AI in the provision of a whole range of legal services. Lexum is one of the leaders in this emerging industry where we are using artificial intelligence to maximize legal research capabilities. Lexum’s work in artificial intelligence was highlighted in a recent article from La Presse +.

To fully unlock the potential of AI in legal research and practice, our approach is multi-fold. Daniel Poulin, President of Lexum explains that the Lexum team is using AI to develop legal services in three ways. Firstly, the initial problem is using AI to extract more information from judgements such as information about the presiding judge’s and about the lawyers involved in the matter. This information will help to classify the relevance of jurisprudence and highlight important paragraphs within the text. Secondly, in the medium term, Lexum contribution to AI will provide more information about the treatment of the decision. Thirdly, Poulin explains that “[w]e want to get a [legal] text and identify the relevant laws and judgements.” The ultimate goal being for AI to trouble shoot texts for legal problems and to provide information about relevant laws.

These three long-term goals for the role of AI at Lexum builds on our daily work as a leader in legal information management. Lexum involvement in CanLII, our legal research solutions such as Lexbox, as well as our management and publishing solutions such as Decisia and Qweri, all contribute to the foundations for our AI strategy and constitute the future of online legal service delivery.

The full text of the article from La Presse + can be found here.