Lexum Newsletter, June 2020 - vol. 21
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Knowledge management (KM) professionals know that there are several elements that will make or break the success of a KM initiative. One such element is mostly humans: Will the lawyers in your organization actually adopt the industry leading enterprise search system that you are spending big bucks on?
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Need to Provide Open Access to Key Documents and Materials? Lexum Will Help at No Costhttps://campaign-image.com/zohocampaigns/411306f18020442fbb1a679588b6b45d_zc_3_270906000007929006.jpeg
Today, providing efficient remote access to some key documents and materials may have become more important than ever for many organizations. In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, Lexum is waiving the fees of its Qweri product for organizations in need of quickly providing public access to any kind of reference documents.
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Working on An Online System for your Court or Adjudicative Body? Connect it to Decisia for Easy Online Publishing
In the context of the current sanitary crisis, many courts, tribunals, and agencies are looking at solutions to quickly move a portion of their traditional activities to the online world. If you are working on or simply thinking about such a project, you are probably considering off-the-shelve options involving the least possible coding.
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Another Tool to Make Your Legal Research Easier
Earlier this year, we announced the launch of new CanLII features to help improve your search experience. Thanks to the wonderful work done by the Lexum team, we’ve added a cherry on top of the features launched earlier this year.
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New Lexbox Feature: Upload your Own Documents and Find them on CanLII
Lexbox accounts just got better! It’s now possible to upload documents to your research folders. Lexbox converts MS Word and PDF documents to HTML and makes them easy to search along the rest of the CanLII content. That’s right, users now have their own private search tab on CanLII displaying results under “My Documents”!
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CIPO Migrates the Commissioner of Patents Decisions to Decisia
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The Competition Tribunal of Canada Integrates Decisia to Its Brand-New Website
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CanLII’s new dark mode, a pathway to legal research abilities some consider to be unnatural
“Dark modes” are becoming an increasingly common customization option for websites and apps and we’re happy to announce that CanLII deployed its own dark mode today. You will find the switch to “toggle” from the usual “light” mode to the dark mode (geekily named “DarkLII”) in the footer of any CanLII page.
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Creative Commons in the Legal Space
CanLII’s Alisa Lazear discusses the use of open access Creative Commons (CC) licensing in the Canadian legal environment at Slaw.ca.
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10,000 pieces of legal commentary are now on CanLII
We are thrilled to share that CanLII now has 10,000 pieces of legal commentary that are openly accessible in our commentary section. Taken together with posts on CanLII Connects, we now have more than 67,000 pieces of commentary in our database.
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