CIPO Migrates the Commissioner of Patents Decisions to Decisia

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has been using Decisia for the online publishing of Trademark decisions since 2016.  Lexum is proud to announce that decisions of the Patent Appeal Board are now made available online via Decisia as well.  The Commissioner of Patents Decisions benefits from their own independent account, integrated to the CIPO Patents website.

Approximately 800 bilingual patents decisions dating back to 1970 were migrated to Decisia from a variety of MS-Word, OCRed PDF, and non-OCRed PDF. In addition of being made searchable in full text, they are made accessible by patent number, and a topical index is provided allowing to browse them by category of patent.

The Patent Appeal Board is an advisory body made up of senior Patent Office officials rendering decisions that are quasi-judicial in nature. The Board is mandated by the Commissioner to conduct independent reviews, provide recommendations and advise him when making such quasi-judicial decisions which principally concern the review of rejected applications, the review of rejected applications for the reissue of a patent, and determinations of first inventorship in patent conflict situations.