Regulatory Agencies with Licensing Authority now Benefit from Synergies between Gov2biz and Decisia

State, Local and Federal governmental agencies, boards, and commissions regulating licensed industries such as alcohol, lottery, gaming, etc. and professional licenses such as cosmetologists, massage therapists, electricians, etc., can now take advantage of a transparent integration between Gov2biz and Decisia.

Gov2biz’s platform and suite of products now integrate with Decisia, allowing regulatory agencies to not just issue, inspect and enforce licenses using Gov2biz, but also maintain a public database of administrative decisions and orders powered by Decisia. This new partnership makes it easier for agencies to bridge two distinct aspects of their operations (licensing and legal research) via a single workflow leveraging the web services of both solutions.

“This new integration between Gov2biz and Decisia offers great efficiency for our clients” said Karthik Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Gov2biz. “Agencies can generate administrative documents in Gov2biz’s suite, and directly publish them using Decisia’s powerful turnkey legal research database, instead of having to design and develop an access portal on their own.”

The same is true for Decisia clients that need solutions going beyond online publishing and research. “Because of the interconnections between processes, regulatory organizations are often looking to address many of them altogether. Gov2biz completes our own offering with all the technology required to manage licensing, enforcement, and tax reporting operations” said Ivan Mokanov, President of Lexum.

Both Gov2Biz and Decisia are mature SaaS solutions designed with public-sector organizations in mind.

About Gov2biz

Gov2biz is a leading government technology firm offering a fleet of powerful SaaS products that enable state, local, and federal government agencies to run their regulatory licensing operations. Gov2biz is head quartered in San Antonio, TX.

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About Lexum

Lexum is a software company that designs and operates online legal information delivery products. Lexum specializes in the management and the publishing of legal information over the internet.

Decisia is an online service for organizations from the legal sector seeking to offer easy and professional access to legal decisions from their website, intranet or extranet. Decisia is designed for the knowledge management and/or publishing of legal information and other complementary resources. It has proven its worth to over 100 courts, tribunals, boards, agencies and other legal bodies over the years.

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