We believe that legal information can be made available to all with minimum efforts. For over 25 years we have been reinventing legal publishing by automating editorial processes and empowering content managers.

From drafting to the Internet almost by itself

Week after week, Lexum solutions convert approximately 7,500 legal documents to HTML.

Automate as much as you can

Lexum’s solutions help you speed things up by structuring and taking care of most of the tasks associated with the management and publishing of legal information. They convert your source files into the formats needed by web users (HTML, PDF, ePub). They autofill your database with metadata extracted from the body of your documents. They generate alerts when new relevant content becomes available. And they are all equipped with APIs, enabling integration with the rest of your architecture.

Get the back office tools you need

Our secured web-based management interfaces are designed by and for legal editors. Create, edit and delete records, metadata and users the way you need it, when you need it. When a problem surface, the audit trail may prove useful to identify who’s responsible or revert to a previous version. When everything is going according to plan, the web analytics component will let you know all the details about who’s accessing what.

Decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada are made available on the Court website and CanLII within 5 minutes of being issued.

case study

In October 2018 Lexum won a public tender issued by the New Mexico Compilation Commission (NMCC) for the publishing of the State official laws.  Lexum technology was selected to modernize NMOneSource ™, which is the official source for legal information originating from the State of New Mexico.