Check out what we put together at the BC QPAC Hackathon last week

This past Friday, Lexum’s Marc-André Morissette and Daniel Poulin participated in British-Columbia’s Queens Printer hackathon, held as part of the Printers’ annual meeting.

During this event, Marc-André put together the follow two items: Using LexView, Marc-André transformed a piece of legislation into an easy-to-navigate document. LexView is particularly adapted for the electronic publication of legislative material. Whether the piece holds on 10 or 1000 pages, the site remains extremely fast and can be navigated according to the piece’s structure. For the hackathon, Marc-André used the BC Securities Act made available by the Queens Printers. In this second example, Marc-André used a decision from a BC tribunal to demonstrate how an article of a law could be presented using mouse-overs. The action of placing the mouse over the reference to an article sends a request to a Queen’s Printers’ server API which sends back the appropriate snippet.

Many thanks to all the organisers, Spencer, Julie and Clecio. Looking forward to seeing all the participants again next year!