The Arkansas Judiciary Website Powered by Decisia Is Now Live

The new Arkansas Judicary website powered by Decisia is now live. The Arkansas Judiciary website now runs using the Decisia search engine, and includes features such as the organisation of opinions in a way tailored for legal research, a user friendly interface and 10 customized metadata fields for easy retrieval.

The case depository contained on the Arkansas Judiciary website contains up to 75,000 opinions, including from their Supreme Court since 1837 and their Court of Appeal opinions since 1982. The adoption of Decisia allows Arkansas court case information to be navigated faster and easier. Arkansas is the first U. S. state to adopt Decisia for its appellate courts. Congratulations Arkansas!

Additional Information

Decisia is an online service that allows bodies to publish their information in a user-friendly way and tailored to the look and needs of their organisation.

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