Qweri 1.13: Introducing Customizable Metadata Fields

Lexum is pleased to announce Qweri 1.13. Here’s what’s new:

Customizable Metadata Fields

Qweri 1.13 introduces customizable metadata fields to facilitate searching and sorting of documents. You can now create any number of metadata fields based on dates and strings in Qweri accounts. Creation of personalized metadata fields is completed from the new Metadata tab added to Qweri’s administrative interface. Fields can be assigned to any given document from the Document tab, along with the corresponding value(s).


Improved Dashboard

Not only has the look for the Qweri Dashboard been rejuvenated, personalized metadata fields can also be set-up as a search filters, enabling users to locate documents based on your own custom criteria.

Speedier Admin

Navigating Qweri’s administrative interface has also been improved. Documents will load and process more quickly, making them even friendlier to manage and update.