Decisia for the Canada Industrial Relations Board

The Canada Industrial Relations Board renders hundreds of decisions every year. Its decisions concern labour law issues involving employees, unions and employers in sectors under federal jurisdiction.

The Challenge

The CIRB already provided access to a collection of decisions through its website. However, the site’s search functionalities were limited. The Board’s members wanted to expand the search engine and navigation functionalities so that users would be able to search efficiently through the decisions.

CIRB documents have some special features. For example, there are a number of decision types. An off-the-shelf solution would have limited the customization options, but a specially designed solution would have been too costly. Moreover, since thousands of decisions were already online, the migration process to a new solution had to be smooth so that the move would entail no loss of content for users.

The Solution

Decisia has been designed specifically to provide a high degree of flexibility for users so that tribunals can adapt it to their needs while keeping publishing costs down. The professionals at the CIRB were thus able to choose the fields that they needed and label them in accordance with their context.

Decisia packages include document migration, so it cost the CIRB nothing extra to move to Decisia while keeping all the decisions that were already in web format online.