Qweri 2.1 – Faster Performance, Improved Footnotes, New Annotations Tool for Administrators & Better Management of Print Functionalities

Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Qweri: Qweri 2.1.

Here’s what’s new:

Faster Rendering, Scrolling and Navigation

Qweri 2.1 brings noticeable performance improvements making document rendering, navigation and scrolling instantaneous. Qweri is the only publishing tool on the market allowing a sub-half-second interaction with multi-thousand pages long documents of any format, including scanned PDFs. Qweri 2.1 makes this interaction even faster.

Improved Footnotes

Qweri 2.1 revamps the display of footnotes to improve their on-screen display. When clicking on the footnote indicator in the document body, the note’s content appears in a box at the bottom of your screen. The text of the selected note is highlighted in yellow, and you can also scroll through all of the notes of the document with ease. To close the box, use the red X in its upper right corner.

A link in the table of contents also provides you with a quick access to all of the footnotes of the document:

A New Tool for Qweri Administrators: The Annotations Counter

A new section enriches the information a Qweri administrator sees about your their documents and users. An annotation counter allows the administrator to quickly identify the total number of annotations in each document or made by each user. Administrators are able to see in the “Annotations” section the total number of annotations related to a given document or user, as well as the type of annotations made: private, public or shared with a group of users.

This tool is provided for statistics purposes, allowing the administrator to measure the user engagement and adoption levels. The content of annotations remains strictly confidential and is accessible only to the users.

Better Management of Print Functionalities

Finally, the new version of Qweri gives you more flexibility in managing your print options.

With this additional print control functionality, you can decide, for every document:

  1. to enable or disable the option of printing individual sections of the table of contents; and
  2. to enable or disable the option of printing the full document.

The default settings for this new print feature are that both of these two options will be enabled for each of your documents. If you would prefer different default settings, just ask Lexum.

To change the default settings for a given document, simply go to the document information section and select the radio button corresponding to your choice.

We are confident that these new features will serve your organization well. Thank you for using Qweri!