The Full Series of Canada Supreme Court Reports is Now Available via Qweri

In addition to all decisions of the Court, the ‘decisions’ section of the website of the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) now includes the entire series of the Canada Supreme Court Reports (SCR) from 1877 to 2017.  Complete reports were previously available from 2013 onward.

The scanned reports are published using Lexum’s Qweri solution, although volumes can be accessed directly from the SCC ‘decisions’ website powered by Decisia, using the same navigation features as before.  Qweri facilitates in-document browsing with a table of contents based on page numbering, as well as full-text search with a search box specific to each Volume.  Users will benefit from additional functionalities in the near future as we continue to refine the integration between the SCC decisions website and Qweri.

The decisions of the SCC have been published on the Internet by Lexum since 1992, and the Court has been using Lexum’s Decisia solution for case law publishing since 2012.  By publishing the SCR with Qweri, the SCC and Lexum are taking steps to further refine online access to the judgments of Canada’s top court.