The Rwanda Law Reports Now Available Online with Decisia

The Judiciary of Rwanda recently started to post decisions included in the Rwanda Law Reports on their own website using Decisia. The published judgments are selected among decisions rendered by Rwanda Courts, including the Supreme Court, the High Court and lower instances. They are published in the country’s language, Kinyarwanda, and will be added in French and English in the near future.

Lexum has contributed to the design and creation of the Rwanda Law Reports and is proud to provide its electronic delivery platform. Decisions reported in the RLR include the full text of reported judgments, catchwords, as well as a summary of facts and holdings. They provides easy, quick and professional access to Rwanda’s most significant judicial rulings.

Decisia is a hosted solution for courts and decision-making bodies aiming to improve access to their decisions by enabling them to self-manage and publish them.

See the online version of the Rwanda Law Reports.

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